Picked the Bucket?

Never know what you're gonna get!  A Bucket of Hot! show will have non-stop sets showcasing the band's ability to arrange a medley with cross-genre songs, leaving fans unknowing what's next and wanting to come back for more. With over 600 songs on their "bucket list", fans will enjoy popular songs heard on the radio and songs that were once favorites that haven't been heard in years. So drive your bucket of bolts to a show and cross off Bucket of Hot from your bucket list.

Who's in the Bucket?

Bucket of Hot! consists of three unique musicians that combine years of musical experiences and diverse professional backgrounds.  Jay, Greg and Pete are the core 3 musicians that have played with some of the area’s top cover bands throughout the past 15 years. More recently the 3 were part of a larger “corporate” or "event" style cover band performing in many of the New Jersey Casinos. In spring 2017 the 3 decided to break off from the corporate world and form the trio “Bucket of Hot!”.  They now can bring their true personalities to the stage, and with their diverse backgrounds, outside of the music field, the band can truly connect with their audiences.

Jay (Guitar/Vocals) has been performing musically for over 20 years and was surrounded by professional musicians his entire life. Many of Jay’s family members were part of the “house band” for the “Al Alberts Showcase”; a local variety show that aired on channel 17 in the 70’s and 80’s. Jay has also owns and operates South Jersey Music and Volume Café. Volume Café is a quaint music venue that allows music lovers to enjoy local national artists such as Jeffrey Gaines and John Eddie in a small and personal atmosphere.

Greg (Bass/Vocals) is a native of Quakertown, PA. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston studying Music Performance; concentration on bass guitar. Over the past 20 years Greg has performed extensively throughout Eastern Pennsylvania in numerous positions. He has worked with some of the area's best cover bands including the infamous cover band from the early 2000's "Monkey Bus" and more recent "AM Radio". Besides performing with Bucket of Hot! you can also catch him performing for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs during baseball season. Greg has settled down over the years to raise a family and besides performing, he is a shop foreman and diesel engine mechanic for an International Truck dealership.

Pete (Drums/Vocals) also has over 20 years as a professional musician and has been teaching music in public schools for over 15 years. Along with teaching music in a classroom, he directs an urban elementary school percussion ensemble located in Wilmington, DE. His young students have opened for national acts such as Kool and the Gang and Aaron Diehl and recently traveled to perform on stage at Disney World.  Pete is an advocate for Arts Education and his student ensemble performs at conferences and seminars attended by Governors, Senators, Congress and other elected officials highlighting the importance of Arts Education in our schools.

What's with the name "Bucket of Hot?

It's rather simple …  “Bucket of Hot” was an expression used by roofers who would yell down from a roof top, “I needa bucketa hot uppa here!!!” when more hot tar was needed.

The Three Bucketneers...

Jay Milley

Voice. Guitars. Buckets of sound. Jay also owns and runs South Jersey Music and Volume Cafe; the place where Randy needs no practice.

Greg Masters

Voice. Bass. Buckets of Grease? Even though Greg went to Berklee College of Music, he works on diesel engines... well he just tells 'em what to do.

Pete Antony

Spoken word. Drums. Bucket full of beats. Lives in Delaware...'nuff said. Pete teaches rug rats and there's a pickle in every bunch.